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Your Black World: Black Man Stands Up Against Prison Industrial Complex

August 6, 2008

Honorable Judge Raymond Ewers

225 Court Street, 6th Fl. Rm. # 605

Elyria, OH. 44035

Honorable Judge Raymond Ewers,

According to the latest statistics from the U.S. Department of Justice, more than two million men and women are behind bars in the United States. Contrary to popular perception, violent crime is not totally responsible for the quadrupling of the incarcerated population in the United States.

My name is King Ayettey Zubaidah, formally known as Gerald McGee. I am a part of a new grass root program called STAND Inc. (Striving Towards A New Day!). One of our many missions is to help solve some of the unfair and impartial treatment against minorities and juveniles in the criminal justice systems. Minority youth are treated far more harshly compared to similarly situate white counterparts within the juvenile criminal justice system.

As a United States citizen in the state of Ohio for Fifty three years I sometimes question the out come of many cases. Even more troubling than the number of people in jail or prison is that those women and men are minorities. African American and Hispanics make up to twenty–five (25%) of the United States population. Minorities make up over sixty- five percent (65%) of the United States people incarcerated. Some of the greatest racial disparities in rates of incarceration occur in states where minorities are concentrated on in urban areas which tend to create higher law enforcement activity.

In Ohio prison admissions of male drug offender’s blacks’ verses whites are 968 blacks to 34 whites. These figures reveal the dramatic racial disproportion of law in the Ohio’s

justice system. Racial profiling and other forms of unequal treatment of minorities by the criminal justice system have further contributed to the over population of minorities incarceration in Ohio.

STAND Inc. doesn’t want to be a part of this horrific problem, but would love to be a part of the solution. STAND Inc. hopes to contribute to a reassessment of the fairness and wisdom of over reliance on punitive crime control measures that have disproportionately burdened the minority communities of Lorain, OH. Our only request from your court is to hear STAND Inc. when trying to assist a client.

I write this letter out of the highest respect to you and your fellow Judges.


King Ayettey Zubaidah


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