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Your Black World: Barack Obama’s Effect on the Stock Market

Here’s one way to figure out how the 2008 election will affect the stock market: Look at the Presidential candidates’ platforms and speeches, and decide whether they would hurt or help particular industries.

Stock strategists and analysts try to carefully calculate the possibilities. For example, Illinois Senator and Democratic hopeful Barack Obama’s ambitious proposal to reform health care is widely expected to squeeze profit margins in the health-care industry, particularly for big insurers such as UnitedHealth Group (UNH) and Humana (HUM). His environmental proposals may help alternative energy companies, while his plans to spend more on infrastructure and universal Internet access could help construction firms and technology companies.

By contrast, Arizona Senator and Republican hopeful John McCain’s health-care plans are more modest. He generally favors less regulation, which may help the beleaguered financial sector avoid new strict rules, and lower taxes on the wealthy, which may help upscale retailers and investment firms.

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