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Your Black World: Dr. Martin Luther King’s Son Dexter King Sues Siblings



Two of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s children have been sued by the institution that their mother founded and their brother heads, the latest chapter in a family drama that has become increasingly public. The chairman and chief operating officer of the King Center, Dexter King, accuses his siblings, Bernice King and Martin Luther King III, of establishing foundations that compete with the center and using the center for personal gain.


The suit says the foundations conflict with their duties on the center’s board of directors. It also accuses both siblings of “demonstrating bad faith, being stubbornly litigious, and causing the King Center unnecessary trouble and expense” and seeks an undisclosed amount of money. Bernice and Martin Luther King III sued Dexter King in July to force him to open the books of their father’s estate, which sold a collection of his papers and books in 2006 for $32 million.


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