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Your Black World: Barack Obama is the End of Civil Rights?

More than five decades after the start of the modern civil rights movement, the country has its first African-American nominee poised to compete in a general election for the U.S. presidency.
While civil rights leaders, black politicians and others consider Sen. Barack Obama‘s nomination the culmination of a dream, they fear his ascent may suggest to some that the civil rights battles of the past have been won and that it is time to lay down arms.
No need for race-based remedies or preferences, anymore. No need for civil rights groups or leaders.
But those leaders stress that such a line of thinking is flawed and can’t be further from the truth. They believe Obama’s nomination should be viewed as a milestone and evidence that the country is heading in the right direction. Still, they say, where race is concerned, the country remains a work in progress.

Dawn Turner Trice Dawn Turner Trice

“Racism didn’t end when Richard Parsons got his job as the head of Time Warner or when Kenneth Chenault became the head of American Express,” said Marc Morial, the National Urban League’s president and chief executive.
He said the same “blacks have arrived” argument was made three decades ago when cities across the country began electing blacks as mayors.

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