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Media Coverage on the Heather Ellis Trial Continues

[blip.tv ?posts_id=2832152&dest=55716]

CNN is going to interview Dr. Boyce Watkins on Friday, and Fox 5 has jumped on the case.

One Response

  1. The people that spoke for her,[her mother] does not know the facts as to how she acted and did not see the video from Wal Mart!
    She was around her family “the Pullian’s” and they are all racist.Will do any thing to get things started and try to make it a racist problem.
    They act like idiots ,they get treated that way.No matter what color the person is.
    The police were merely acting in defense when anyone assaults them in any way.
    I can not believe what the mother was saying in front of maybe 50 to 60 people that were not even from Kennett.
    The march consisted of people from other cities.None of which was from Kennett except the Pullian family.What does that tell you.
    She just made a spectacle of herself and family.
    I truly hope she gets a good sentence [Maybe not 15 years] out of this to show the “people”you play a game ,you do the crime,you do the time.
    Act normal in life and you will be treated as such.
    Respect for others gain you respect!
    Without the help of the NAACP and others maybe this Country would be a lot better off.I also agree the white’s don’t need the KKK,skin heads showing out for their rights as well.
    We as people of America has our rights,but it must stay within the guild lines of the LAW and respect of the HUMAN race!
    They spoke of God being there for them .Several preachers spoke of this.They must have a differant Bible than I do.Mine speaks of love thy neighbor and treat him as you would want to be treated.Her acting the way she does might be a sign from God ,the reason she is loosing her sight.If you invite drama in your life,I think God will put on you Virus,diseases,health problems as they spoke of in the old Testament.
    My opinion ,yes everyone has one.They need to step back and do a lot of praying and put this in the hands of the Lord.If they still choose to speak.,Not make it a rascal thing but tell the people ,The Lord knows her side of the story and leave it up to him.

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