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Dr. Wilmer Leon Talks about Obama Moving to the Right

Mr. President, please move closer to the right. No, not closer to the politics and conservative ideology of Sens. McConnell (R-Kentucky), Kyl (R-Arizona) or Congressman Boehner (R-Ohio). Please move closer to the right side of the issue, the right side of history, law and morality.

In the early morning hours of May 31, Israeli commandos attacked the Turkish flagged Free Gaza Movement flotilla. Six ships were carrying 10,000 tons of aid and relief supplies such as prefabricated homes, wheelchairs, paper, water purification systems, and other humanitarian relief items. The commandos killed nine aid/relief activists and wounded many more.

While accounts vary, there are some facts that are difficult to dispute. First, all six ships were in international waters. Second, all of the surviving passengers were taken against their will to Israel. Third, no weapons, explosives, or other threatening items or devices were being smuggled amidst the 10,000 tons of relief supplies. Taking a ship in international waters is piracy. Taking people against their will is kidnapping. Killing unarmed people without provocation is murder.


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